The wedding of
Alysa and Mitch Cohen


George Martell: George is our official photographer, and we're thrilled with his work. These are (get ready) 898 photos from the wedding day. We will definitely sort through them, but for now enjoy the whole collection! If you're in need of a great wedding photographer, just go to

Table cameras: These are the photos from the table cameras. There are over 400 photos in this album. At some point we'll sort through them and create a "best of" collection.

Mitch's cameras: These are 92 photos taken on Mitch's cameras both before and after the wedding.

Miscellaneous cameras: 26 photos from other people, a few each from Debbie Cohen, Sara Sayers, Heather Sims.

Janine and Ira Green: 39 photos from Alysa's aunt and uncle.

Cheryl Braverman: 25 photos from our friend Cheryl, who designed our chuppah (the canopy over the ceremony).

Herb Cohen: 11 photos from Herb, the Best Man, taken before and after the wedding.

And more from: Meesha Axelrad | Karen Chin | Jim Brody

If you have any photos, anything at all, please send them along! We'd love to have a huge album of as many as we can.

We also have the video, but need to edit that down before posting it.