Alysa & Mitch: The RV Trip

In the Spring and Summer of 2004, we took a four-month journey across the southern half of the United States. This page is a summary of sorts, and links to various pages on our blog. The blog wasn't written to be summarized in this fashion but is a quick way to recap the trip. Some entries contain info on multiple stops, so don't be surprised if more than one link points to the same page. We still have lots of updating to do in all our free time - hopefully we'll complete everything before next summer!

Below is a map showing each of our stops. The arrows represent the stops, but not the highways traveled. Each arrow is one "leg" of the trip.

(Click the map for a larger version)

Date Location (or nearest city) Links
April 30, 2004 Left our home in Douglas, MA Blog Entry 1
Blog Entry 2
Photos 1
April 30-May 5 Newburgh, NY (about an hour north of NYC) Blog Entry 3
Photos 1
May 5-10 Clarksboro, NJ (not far from Philly) Blog Entry 3
Blog Entry 4
Photos 2
May 10-17 Washington, DC Blog Entry 5
Blog Entry 6
Blog Entry 7
Photos 3
May 17-22 Virginia Beach, VA Blog Entry 7
Photos 4
May 22-June 1 Raleigh, NC Blog Entry 8
Blog Entry 9
Photos 5
Photos 6
June 1-4 Asheville, NC Blog Entry 10
Photos 6
June 4-10 Nashville, TN Blog Entry 11
Blog Entry 12
Photos 7
June 10-13 Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN Blog Entry 13
Blog Entry 14
Blog Entry 21
Photos 8
June 13-14 Monteagle, TN Blog Entry 14
Photos 9
June 14-17 Montgomery, AL Blog Entry 14
Blog Entry 15
Photos 9
June 17-24 New Orleans, LA Blog Entry 16
Photos 10
June 24-June 29 Houston, TX Blog Entry 17
Photos 11
June 29 -July 7 Austin, TX Blog Entry 17
Blog Entry 18
Photos 12
July 7-8 Fort Stockton, TX Photos 13
July 8-12 Roswell, NM Blog Entry 19
Photos 14
July 12-19 Santa Fe, NM Blog Entry 20
Blog Entry 21
July 19-20 Gallup, NM Blog Entry 21
July 20-23 Sedona, AZ Blog Entry 22
Blog Entry 23
July 23-29 Grand Canyon, AZ Blog Entry 23
Blog Entry 24
July 29-August 5 Las Vegas, NV Blog Entry 26
Blog Entry 27
August 5-9 Los Angeles, CA Blog Entry 25
August 9-14 San Diego, CA  
August 14-16 Tucson, AZ Blog Entry 26
August 16-17 Socorro, NM (an hour south of Albuquerque) Blog Entry 26
August 17-18 Amarillo, TX Blog Entry 27
August 18-21 Oklahoma City, OK Blog Entry 28
Blog Entry 29
August 21-23 St. Louis, MO Blog Entry 29
August 23-24 Greenfield, IN (just east of Indianapolis) Blog Entry 29
August 24-25 Erie, PA Blog Entry 29
August 25-30 Niagara Falls, NY Blog Entry 29
August 30-September 2 Verona, NY  
September 2-6 moe.down music festival, Turin, NY  
September 6 Arrive home in Douglas, MA Blog Entry 30

To do:
Find any missing blog entries - MT says 46 total entries, above counts 42
Misc stats - miles, stops, photos, etc.
Quick links to most popular entries
Sort Greenfield, Erie, and Verona photos from after trip photos folder